No matter your age, as a founder, entrepreneur, employee in a StartUp or a tech innovation company, you have to admit it is NOT always an easy path from one day to the next.
While the creativity, coding and process development can be exhilarating, many who participate in this rapidly expanding world tend to hide the internal stress and anxiety build up from work expectations. Colorado is a highly collaborative community! Almost everyone will contribute a referral, hands-on assistance, an introduction, mentoring, fund raising / marketing advice.
Yet for most of us we are simply not professionally equipped when mental health or behavioral issues challenge our friends or co-workers. Colorado Entrepreneurs MH Network was founded to help those within our community:
  • source key signs behind irregular behavioral conditions
  • call and speak to a masters level counselor to learn how best to approach someone showing these signs, or have an informed conversation with other coworkers
  • provide for 24/7 counselor support for anyone needing to text, chat or call and address their emotional state, hopefully regaining a MH balance. (this does not replace ongoing work with a therapist)



Have a concern or someone expressing suicidal tendencies?
Text or Call our Partner Crisis line here…
Services are free, requiring no company or organizational identification
TEXT – “TALK” to 38255, 24/7/365
CALL – 844.493.TALK (8255)
For startup companies with 5 or fewer employees. Mines will offer
Up-to-5 Free Mental Health Sessions.
Critical team or organization incident support services may be requested by contacting us at 800.873.7138.
Provided by: MINES & Associates – A National Business Psychology Firm /
Not to be used for an emergency.


Many leaders within the entrepreneurial community came together to discuss and
focus a renewed effort on how best to create a touchstone organization,
so that all would have a secure way to reach out.
For both immediate help and simple advice. Here are some of their thoughts…

I've seen one too many divorces, suicides and breakdowns in the entrepreneurial realm- so I decided to become a catalyst in abolishing the stigma affiliated with mental health issues and convene the best and brightest in Denver, Boulder and Aspen - to help entrepreneurs grow and thrive. I want to be of help to our community. The COEMHN network begins that outreach process.

Dave MayerFounder, Technical Inegrity

After launching Impact Founder, there were hundreds of entrepreneurial founders who reached out to me for help, and to share stories of their own personal struggles. I realized after hearing from hundreds of people locally and globally, that none of us can go at it alone. Changing a dynamic within a community (in CO or globally) has to happen collaboratively at the root of and with the strong foundation of community.

Kristin R. DargaFounder, Impact Founder & Ideal Day Coaching

As a long-time member of Colorado’s startup community, I know how frustrating, lonely, and stressful it can be to launch a company. And I know there are many others in our community who have faced struggles like my own. Having an asset like Colorado Entrepreneurs Mental Health Network will ensure that the members of our startup community have access to the resources they need to overcome the challenges that stand between them and their goals.

Mike BiselliPresident Catalyst HTI, Industry Integrator

Entrepreneurs often struggle with mental health in the shadows. Our ‘fearless leaders’ are often gripped with fear and anxiety that leads to depression or worse. As a society, it is important that we openly discuss mental health to bring it forth from the shadows and into the light. As we do so, we can de-stigmatize issues surrounding our daily mental health and build stronger, more prosperous companies

Bart LarangCEO, Full Contact


Burnout, Anxiety and Emptiness: Founders Open Up About the Dark Side of Entrepreneurship

Forbes | 10-06-16

“When you are out raising money, people are counting on you. But there are no guarantees you’ll have a business a year from now. No one wants to talk about the fact that the black hole never really goes away. Lean on your support system and reach out to other entrepreneurs in your community — many of them have likely experienced similar emotions.”

Taylor McLemore – Boulder, CO Entrepreneur


All of the outreach and resources of the COEMHN could not manifest into a community movement,
without the ongoing support, active participation of the following companies and individuals.
We Thank Them for Collaborating Mindfully! And recognizing that
daily Mental Health care is the equivalent of routine Physical Health maintenance.


Need specific support or a mental health awareness program within a work community you occupy?
A mental health outreach expert to create more awareness?
Or suggestions for what other news or information you would like us to post.
Please reach out to us confidentially below.